What is this ?
The Valley Calendar Project

As you probably already know where is just way too much fun and interesting stuff to do around here — the Valley Calendar project is working to project a central location to find what you are interested in AND ONLY That.

What makes this different from all the various calendars and event announcements you are already getting is the work we are doing to provide a filter so you will see just what you find interesting, according to your criteria.

For now, we are collecting calendars and working on our search and display technology.

if you know of any calendars not listed on the right or are maintaining a calendar of any sort, please add a comment and we will include the calendar or you in the work taking place.  In addition, we are working on allowing anyone to publish a selected interest set of events on any type of web site, and include events from any type of existing calendar.

Much more coming

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The Valley Calendar Project

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